About Us

Our Journey

Change is inevitable and, we’re constantly fighting stereotypes. Our 16-year long journey and well-coordinated team efforts have only taught us to be less obligated to the old ways of leadership hiring.

Riding the wave of change, See & Recruit has evolved from being an organization that provides innovative and customized services to corporates, to a team that focuses on enhancing the life experiences of our clients with the highest level of valuable recruiting services.

With a team driven by passion, integrity, and performance, we have established strong partnerships with national as well as international companies, providing them with industry leaders, decision-makers, and the best talent available to build a positive and lasting change in their organization.

In this new era of Ai and new recruitment tools, we believe in actually listening to your needs and adapting to our specialized recruiting solutions to help you stay ahead in this competitive market.

Redefining the world of recruitment.

We are here
to connect the dots

Employer Branding:

75% of applicants now consider an employer’s brand before even applying for a job. 83% of Employers say that the Employer Brand plays a significant role in their ability to hire talent. We are here to become your Brand Ambassador.

Cost of Bad Hire:

39% of businesses report a decrease in productivity due to a bad hire. We work relentlessly to ensure that our Talent advice is backed with research.

Candidate Experience:

We actively engage with Talent in your industry and keep them abreast of your latest success stories. Idea is to play the role of catalyst to keep them engaged with your Brand and ensure they have positive candidate experience.


We do enjoy great relationship and Trust from the Leadership Talent and hence your access to difficult-to-reach candidates is ensured.

Industry Trend:

We do actively participate in strategic discussions on succession planning, compensation benchmarking, industry practices, etc.