Reasons Why See & Recruit’s Annual Goa Offsite Ritual Turned Out To Be A Memorable Event!

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Reasons Why See & Recruit’s Annual Goa Offsite Ritual Turned Out To Be A Memorable Event!

One often resonates with the word workplace as monotonous, dull, and bland, but have you ever imagined working in a space embedded with a dream-like Gen Z work culture? With an hour-long lunch break, weekends off, nap corner, and all-paid business trips to exotic locales. If not, then you need to take a moment and check out the surreal professional ecosystem at one of India’s most credible executive search firms ‘See & Recruit’ wherein the company’s internal message speaks volumes about its beliefs. 

“We do serious business while having fun” Yeah, you read that one correctly, a company that certainly understands how to balance the paradigms of an arduous professional routine alongside the very need to provide stable employment that can help one unwind and loosen up simultaneously. 

A short sojourn with fellow acquaintances is an excellent way to boost the company’s well-being in the industry, as it aids to promote the efficiency of the workers psychologically. Furthermore, leading to better results in terms of Individual performance apart from amplifying a collective effort focusing on mutual benefit. Instilling a sense of belongingness within the team.

Following the same path pioneers Tushar Rathod (CEO), and Phalguni Rathod (COO) of ‘S&R’ July 2022 managed to arrange a one-of-a-kind getaway at the ‘Pearl of Orient’ popularly known as Goa. The party hub of the nation, wherein an all-pleasure trip planned to let your hair down exclusive of any sort of work at all. Well, who doesn’t like the sound of that!! Especially when the company is bearing all the major expenses, including gratifying stay & travel. The senior management made sure that all employees irrespective of their hierarchical positions are a part of this weekend escape and are feted equally on all grounds.

Overall, seventeen employees from all three branches of See & Recruit were able to make it for the trip instead of the entire strength due to other commitments. Coming from Mumbai, Bengaluru, & Gurugram everyone enjoyed the much-talked-about Goa trip over three days.  All the co-workers flew together from their respective cities in plush airways all set to rejuvenate at the palatial “Acron Waterfront Resort” in Goa. In fact, for someone like Bhumika (Senior Associate at S&R Mumbai) her experience of flying for the very first time with her office pals in an airplane was an exceptional one. To quote “it was an awesome escapade” how often do we hear employees praising their companies in their formative professional years like this? Rarely right!!

After landing in Goa, everyone was escorted to the opulent hotel. Soon after settling in the respective rooms, a fun meet-and-greet at the pool-side was just the start of an exciting first day.

That’s because a wholesome sumptuous spread was waiting at 'Oh la la' boutique restaurant and lounge for the group consisting of some Arabian delicacies. In addition to this everyone had a gala time shaking a leg with the phenomenal Arabic dancers keeping the night still young.

If you're thinking that the squad must’ve gotten exhausted by now, then unfortunately that’s an incorrect guess! Instead, everyone decided on moving to ‘Las-Olas’ for a zestful night at Baga beach for a fun-loving time. It’s a lively place with an earthy and breezy vibe that makes one feel at ease instantly. For Shikha (Director S&R Bengaluru branch) chiefly the entire experience of getting to know everyone on a personal level was ecstatic. For her, it all started at ‘Oh la la’ itself while communicating and grooving with her newfound friends making the most of each minute spent in the outlandish club.

If that sounds all fun and frolic then, hold your horses to read further about day 2 activities at Goa offsite for the team. The second day started in a chilled-out mode whereof, all the co-workers ate breakfast together and were seemingly more gregarious after partying the earlier night. Thus, stimulating escalated positive energy within the cohesive group. Post that, the team enthralled on a journey that women love the most… hmm any guesses?! Well, it's none other than shopping at a local marketplace.

For Priti (Business Development Manager at Gurugram office)riding flamboyant bikes on the stunning roads of Panjim was an experience to cherish on day 2. She was in for a pleasant surprise when the ice broke amidst members from different cities in a jiffy at the airport itself. However, one peculiar event was indeed the highlight of her journey, when she partied hard and danced the night out with her benevolent bosses Tushar and Phalguni. Though that corresponds to a scene in a Bollywood movie, it just came to life for Priti, who undoubtedly calls it ‘a golden moment’ for her.

Coming back to day 2 activities, when the sun was at its peak, the S&R fam assembled at “Fontainhas” at noon to spend some quality time gobbling on some delicious food and irresistible mocktails. “Fontainhas” is a splendid sight of symmetric Portugal villas in distinctive eye-gaping shades.

After lounging for some time there, the squad made a move to a famous beach shack known as ‘St Anthony's. It is a go-to place for music lovers where one can enjoy live music and, that’s exactly what the S&R team did by indulging in some engrossing karaoke.

The next stop was none other than “Hammers” counted amongst Goa’s most lavish clubs. Hammers offers its customers an unparallel grandeur that is jaw-dropping in nature. With foot-tapping music and extravagant interiors, it turned out to be an unforgettable night to remember. From making reels to clicking infinite instagrammable pictures the gang left no stone unturned and enjoyed it to the fullest.

On the last day after gorging on some mouth-watering breakfast, the S&R crew left together with ‘biryani’ parcels for an on-the-way quick bite towards the airport. After bidding adieu to Goa on a happy note, the next day at work turned out to be magnificent at all the offices. Each one was working with a motivated zeal to perform better than before, proving the phrase ‘happy employees lead to happy customers equivalent successful company’.

Eventually, the entire getaway unbelievably glued all members by infusing some fabulous energy amid them. It not only created immeasurable memories but also supported strengthening individual bonds. Hence, it’s legit to say that the work culture at See & Recruit is supremely encouraging and every employee working for that firm can vouch for that.



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