5 Tips For Job-Hunt Post Career Break

Mid Career Crisis


We focus on writing articles on Leadership Hiring, Mid-Career Crisis, and Culture Building. At the same time, some are centered on providing exclusive insights from the CEO's Desk. This article is formulated based on the Mid-Career Crisis concerns; via this piece, we advise working professionals based on our rich over a decade old experience in the Recruitment Business. We are confident that this article adds value to your career growth.


5 Tips For Job-Hunt Post Career Break


With growing awareness about mental health and industry downsizing or sabbaticals, career breaks appear as an acceptable and understandable trend in the professional ecosystem. While the purpose of the majority of career breaks is to re-align oneself on a personal level, wherein your professional life takes a back seat. It also motivates you to become a better version of yourself. Usually, career breaks or sabbaticals can lead you on the path of uncertainty, wherein brooding on self-worth can be a constant. However, what's more challenging than taking a break is making a striking comeback with a solid and optimistic streak.

In this article, you can look at these five practical tips to bounce back with an escalated zeal more than ever.

1) Rejoining Previous Employer

Professional individuals often mistake not considering their previous employers, which is an avoidable oversight. This is because rejoining previous employers is treated as either taboo or kept as the last option on unfounded grounds. On the contrary, it should be regarded as your first choice on the Job-Hunt. If your previous Company rehires you, it means they are equally keen to work with you again, confirming that your Mojo is still working! As a result, it is seen positively by the recruiting industry.

2) Digital Age Networking

When you wish to get back in action, you must focus on expanding your digital Network as today's world celebrates influencers. A virtual presence showcases your personal and professional skills and can help you get noticed by the right people. Thus, one needs to build connections with their audience and Network smartly. You can do this via uploading blogs, engaging videos, or participating in trending tweets. However, to stand out, one need to make efforts to increase your followers on social media by posting regularly.

3) Pay-Cut Post-Career Break Is Common

Pay-out post-career-break is not uncommon, and adjusting compensation is not a novel concept. This means that you should not judge the parameters of your decision to accept or reject an opportunity based on the compensation package. Assuming you are convinced about the role, seniority, working environment, and future prospects, then compensation shall be treated as a function of internal parity. Under circumstances where you're getting paid much less than you deserve after a sabbatical, savvy negotiations play a vital role. Your first step should be is to ask the right questions to understand the internal parity. Next, understand the hierarchy and openness to compensate for your loss of pay through a performance-linked payout. Finally, think long-term, grab an opportunity if it suits you, and help yourself to stay motivated.

4) I Am Done With Webinars?

Be it paid or free;Yes, there has been an overdose of Webinars. However, you cannot take away the fact that now knowledge sharing has no boundaries. There are many great minds sharing knowledge for free via YouTube, podcasts, pieces of training, Webinars, etc. We would encourage you to use your money & time wisely and invest in upskilling.

5) Godspeed

Sometimes the process might be tedious and time-consuming, but it's worth the investment. Keep yourself at the center of your universe and prioritize your mental health and well being above anything else. There's a job for everyone because, in the end! It's about discovering and rediscovering yourself in the job market.In addition do keep in mind that you are more than your career break and flaunt that confidently!



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