5 Tips To Deal With A Tough Boss!

Mid Career Crisis


We focus on writing articles on Leadership Hiring, Mid-Career Crisis, and Culture Building. At the same time, some are centered on providing exclusive insights from the CEO's Desk. This article is formulated based on the Mid-Career Crisis concerns; via this piece, we advise working professionals based on our rich over a decade old experience in the Recruitment Business. We are confident that this article adds value to your career growth."

5 Tips To Deal With A Tough Boss!


As harsh as it may sound, the general notion about the high attrition rate in the overall working ecosystem is that - "People Don't Leave Bad Jobs. They Leave Bad Bosses."

However, based on evaluation by See & Recruit, who are experts with an extensive experience of over 10 years in the recruitment business, there's a different perspective. As per our research, working professionals often make wrong decisions and quit great jobs due to tough bosses. Such decisions are driven by misjudging their situation with their challenging bosses and shortcomings in analyzing the Corporate Industry dynamics. Instead, one should consider following an overall tactful and rational approach.

Hence, if you are dealing with a demanding boss, these reliable tips can assist you in coping-up with their expectations.

1. Liberate Yourself From The Fear Of Losing Your Job

Focus on completing your tasks efficiently rather than constantly worrying about your job security. Let your work speak for itself; by doing this, your employer will undoubtedly notice your competency through your body of work. Such work ethics, in turn, will lead to potential commendations and career gains. Staying with your current firm is advisable if you feel you are stepping up the ladder of success while working with your competent boss's unpleasant attitude. Look at the brighter side here!

That's because while dealing with your boss, you have accomplished the art of working under tight deadlines and can handle several projects simultaneously, acing multi-tasking. However, moving out from an environment is recommended wherein you feel stuck with an unruly boss without the probability of career progression. Remember, There's A Desired Job, Everyone. Don't Be Scared!!

2. Focus On Building More Self-Confidence & Upskilling

Apart from your performance at work, your confidence is your strength. So never hesitate to communicate with your boss in case of any doubt. But, of course, do your homework before talking to your boss; such an approach reflects your confidence. Keep them updated and provide accurate information in your regular progress reports. However, be polite and honest at the same time.

Vocalize your ideas and thoughts and simultaneously learn to listen and understand every word that your boss says. It gives your boss a good picture of your working style as well. It makes them believe that you can handle difficult situations at work and yet perform satisfactorily. Therefore, make your work self-explanatory and strengthen your skills concurrently. This habit will ensure that you already imbibe a deep understanding of tasks and showcases your aptitude.

3. Art To Say No

Once you have overcome the fear of losing your job alongside developing courage while dealing with a tough boss, the easiest thing is to say 'NO' to a task. However, that doesn't mean you become complacent and do not push yourself towards challenging tasks. Make it a point to recognize the difference between urgent and important tasks, which means establishing a sharp alignment of your result orientation with the thought process of your bosses. So much so that it doesn't hamper your productivity.

Emphasize on the art of saying NO, which considers the importance of prioritizing the right job. Ensure to put forth your opinion and talk about how unrealistic deadlines can jeopardize your quality of work. Highlight that you are politely refusing to take up more work for a valid reason from a solution driven-mindset. Wherein you are trying to re-prioritize a path to create a realistic yet doable approach towards the assignments in synergy with the organizational goal. Withal be careful with your choice of words.

4. Emphasize On Good Talk & Building Professional Rapport

Any conversation that rightly takes place at an appropriate time always yields results. Dwell on meaningful small talk, and do not use your phone while talking to your boss; present yourself as an active listener. Please consider conveying your thoughts subtly so that you don't sound rude but have indeed put them across in a gripping manner.

No wise boss will risk losing a competent team member who gets along with other colleagues and senior people in the organization. Once you are considered a highly regarded teammate, you will be provided opportunities because of your great work. Post that; it's all on you to grab those opportunities and materialize them.

5. When To Fire Your Boss

Quitting a job is a vast decision in this scenario; however, doing it at a reasonable time can make or break your career. First, evaluate everything you have learned from your boss; if you see zero growth scope in the potential future similar to the past, quitting might be a wise decision for you. That's because slogging is pointless in a toxic environment that lacks any growth window.

In other cases, try to strike a balance, focus on techniques they teach about business, and aim at profits instead of their behavior. Ideally, one should leave when you are at the highest point of your professional journey. Doing so will affirm that you have other job desired options once you quit.








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