Know Why See & Recruit Transformed Into The Bigg Boss House For A Day!

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We focus on writing articles on Leadership Hiring, Mid-Career Crisis, and Culture Building. At the same time, some are centered on providing exclusive insights from the CEO's Desk. This article is formulated based on the Culture Building perspective and the importance of recreational activities in an organization. As culture building drives engagement impacts happiness and satisfaction. Furthermore, it also positively affects the performance of the team members leading to long-term associations. We are confident that this article adds value to your career growth.


Know Why See & Recruit Transformed Into The Bigg Boss House For A Day!


Diwali Party at work is often synonymous with bonuses, regular Diya Painting or Rangoli Making Competitions, and Tasting Festive Delicacies. However, employees usually attend these parties to let loose in loud music and sway away office stress by engaging in some steaming hot office gossip. But, as fun, as it may sound, it can sometimes be tedious and monotonous. So, to revamp the ever-so-boring image of this Annual Corporate Event, See & Recruit tried something entirely out of the box! To keep the spirit of Corporate Entertainment alive, S&R’s Fun Committee organized a unique all-day event named after the worldwide oh-so-popular reality show ‘Bigg Boss.

The event was curated so that all the See & Recruit family members could play it simultaneously, irrespective of their location. Keeping the celebratory vibe in mind, everyone came dressed in stylish traditional attires decked up in enchanting shades. The day started with a thought to basket some memories by clicking group pictures and capturing some candid moments. Soon enough, an announcement about the restriction of mobile phone usage was made by Bigg Boss. So everyone handed over their smartphones to the senior-most member in all offices. The thematic Bigg Boss music aligned with the voice-over added more life to the concept. The illuminating office décor, too, matched up with the idiosyncratic theme for the day but With a touch of festive Tadka. The office was LiTT with vibrant lights, gorgeous diyas, and a sparkling photo wall.

To everyone’s surprise, every aspect of the event was in absolute synergy with the OG Bigg Boss House. From Karya Patras, Vishesh Adhikaar, Vijeta Ko Dene Wali Dhanrashi, to Ghar Se Beghar Hone Ki Prakriya. However, the highlight of this entire affair was the Bigg Boss voice-over that was immaculately timed with all the tasks before & after. All the tasks were also peculiarly time-bound based on some solid branches of static & current affairs topics. These tasks were creatively designed to test the knowledge of See & Recruit’s team members in varied fields. Alongside ensuring loads of fun and enjoyment. Returning to the day, the office transformed into the Bigg Boss House after clicking pictures. Whereas, all the employees turned into housemates competing against each other. As per the tasks, they were sometimes divided into teams, pairs, or played individually. Before every task, a Karya Patra was handed over to the housemates by the Sanchalak. Who is assigned the role of Sanchalak was announced by Bigg Boss before each Karya. For a couple of tasks, Karya Samagri was also provided to the Housemates. All three branches of See & Recruit were connected virtually. All players were battling to emerge as the sole winner and achieve the Bigg Boss title.

In no time Bigg Boss kickstarted the game in his husky voice with a super fun task called “Money Heist.” Wherein employees were divided into teams and were supposed to hide a couple of gold coins in a specific area allocated to them by the Sanchalak. Simultaneously every team had to search for the other team’s gold coins excluding the area where they hid their own gold coins. As soon as the task started, the office became a Treasure Hunt! Each and every individual thoroughly enjoyed this modern take on hide and seek with absolute flair and frolic. Since the task required collective efforts, all employees were in the true blue Bigg Boss zone. So after endless searches, the team with the least gold saved and searched was eliminated from the competition. And other teams went on play the next round called “Shandaar Jaankar Jodi”.

The second task tested the IQ level & General knowledge of all the pairs. As the housemates had to answer some interesting questions within 5 minutes. Some of the questions were also based on the epic saga of Ramayana in alliance with Diwali. Even though some participants got eliminated after “Money Heist” yet, they essayed a vital role of Parikshak in Shandaar Jaankar Jodi Karya. This move, kept them glued to the game till the end. As the name suggests, Karya 2 was played in pairs in which jodis were supposed to answer 5 questions in 5 minutes. After the contestants submitted their answer sheets, Parikshaks analyzed their answers and awarded them marks based on their number of correct answers. According to their respective performances, some pairs got eliminated by the end of Karya 2. And, they either became Sanchalak or Parikshaks for the upcoming rounds.

Teesra Karya was called “Gharamcharee” the word is an amalgamation of ghar+karamcharee. It required teams to create entertaining reels along the lines of the side effects of working from home (WFH). And, how did that impact their behavior while working from the office (WFO)? ( preferably funny yet relatable) The reels were then uploaded on See & Recruit’s official Instagram id. Per the rules, the team with the most likes would win from every branch of S&R! To one’s amazement, most reels got enviable likes and views. Furthermore, three teams from 3 different cities came up as winners and, the rest of the contestants were eliminated. The fourth task for the day was called “Nommer” which is undoubtedly one of the most creative games one could play. Before the Karya, an informative video was shared with all the contestants about digits! With regards to what they are called in Russian. The contestants who were still in the running for becoming the Bigg Boss Winner then had to translate their 10-digit mobile numbers from English to Russian. And, whomsoever first memorized and translated it correctly in front of the Sanchalak, would win from that specific city.

Each city came up with a champion, and the last task was played on an inter-city level. Kanika from Gurugram, Akanksha from Mumbai, and Sindhu from Bengaluru were competing to take the first spot in the game. The last task of Bigg Boss was none other than Shark Tank. As the name is self-explanatory Shark Tank was about presenting one’s business ideas to Sharks a.k.a Investors. The contestant with the maximum investment would take home the Bigg Boss Prize Money & this season’s title. The twist here was that ex-contestants turned into Investors/Sharks. As mentioned above, their vote would prove monumental in the victory or loss of either of the three finalists.

The finalist, on the other hand, were given 30 minutes, to come up with a novel and captivating business plan for a Professional Networking Website. Which could compete with giants in the market and can generate massive revenue. All three finalists made some handsome offers to the Sharks to gain their investment towards their respective business proposals. Pleasantly, the business plans of all the finalists were not just unique but highly enterprising. Since one investor could invest only in a single business plan through a secret ballot system, there was no scope for a tie.

In the end, Bigg Boss announced that Kanika from the Gurugram branch of See & Recruit became the ultimate champion of the season. She was felicitated with a luring winner’s title and a cash voucher. Overall, the Bigg Boss event was a huge hit among the employees. As it was a quirky game with riveting twists and turns. More so because it involved all the professionals engaging as a team instilling a sense of belongingness within.