Leadership hiring is a strategic decision and engagement with specialised executive search firm increases the success quotient. We add value in the search process with our superior understanding of complex businesses and matching the competencies & technical skills of potential leaders for the businesses of our Client.

We follow a methodological, highly professional and clients’ culture focused search approach. Our win is in balancing the client needs and identifying Leaders who have a high level of long-term fitment for career aspirations, skill sets and are best suited for future growth in the client environment.

Our Leadership search approach gives a special emphasis on the Growth Stage of the company. We do not advocate a one-size-fits-all strategy in our approach to executive search. The competencies and personal attributes required in the potential leader highly differs depending on the growth stage of the company and we factor the same in our approach. This additional care and diligent insight in the search approach translate into better hiring decisions, longer average tenure of selected candidates and an overall win-win experience.


As an organization, you constantly aspire to achieve your business goals by growing your business not only in terms of revenues and profits but also as a brand in the B2B and B2C scenario, thereby creating long-term business value. While you strive to achieve the same, you would surely agree that people play a pivotal role in converting the company vision into reality; hence without the right people, nothing is possible!

We aim to assist you in this journey by acting as preferred recruitment partners, hiring the appropriate candidates who not only fit the job description, but also fit the company culture, resulting in better business, enhanced employer brand, and lower attrition.

We partner with you to maximize the potential of your human capital and optimize your HR processes. We constantly challenge the known methods and techniques of talent acquisition and question the underlying assumptions to raise the bar, so that you have access to better, more effective services.

Our uniqueness is founded on our 'speed and accuracy''. We are driven by our Preferred Partner philosophy and care about commitment, values, and results. We are passionate about what we do and committed to delivering high-quality, professional services to our clients.

Recruit Process Outsourcing

Recruitment as a function is becoming challenging every day with dynamic changes in business demands and short supply of talent fitting into business needs. The responsibility of hiring the right talent at the right time, at the desired location, is one of the most challenging and herculean tasks. Understanding today's challenge and our customers' needs is our core strength.

We provide customized outsourcing solutions to manage human resource operations for our clients. In this service bracket, our inbound team takes responsibility for the entire recruitment cycle, from sourcing to onboarding.

By opting for our recruitment process outsourcing, you can leverage our expertise to ensure quality hires, reduce time-to-hire, and improve business productivity.

Virtual Recruiter

We have a large team that holds expertise and experience at various stages of the recruitment process and is trained to work on a more efficient manner to deliver results cost-effectively, with shorter turnaround time and better quality. This service is like onboarding an in-house recruiter but is based at a remote location.

We allocate a virtual identified recruiter to service your hiring needs for 3 to 6 months at a time. The recruiter provides an allocated and pre-decided average number of resumes per week.

In this service bracket, our inbound team co-ordinates interviews of shortlisted candidates but the assessment and hiring decision remains with the client. The recruiter will access our internal and subscribed database to find the right candidate. This allows you to use our resources based on your business requirements and fluctuations.

Project Based Hiring

Project-based recruitment is the new trend in many industries. If you are opening a new site office or setting up a new team or getting into a new project and have a bulk requirement which needs to be filled in a timely manner, we are the right placement consultants for you. We will be your extended team/ storytellers and further strengthen your employer brand. We've always been committed and love to work in strict deadlines to meet your hiring plans.

Talent Mapping

Talent mapping is a proactive approach adopted by Clients to ensure that talent acquisition is not just a haphazard result of quick hiring.

We help you to collect market information and offer valuable insights that can facilitate decision making in cases of confidential and strategic hiring needs. If an organization seeks to expand and improve in the near future, talent mapping can provide an effective way to improve its talent management strategies as well as for future hiring and development of staff needs. It is mandatory to make the right decisions and invest in the right activities today to make your dream of success a reality tomorrow.